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The Alumni Fund 2016

May 2016

Dear Brockwood Park Alumni

You may be aware that 2016 marks 30 years since the death of Krishnamurti. Among his enduring legacies to the world are the schools he founded and of course the one nearest to our hearts is Brockwood. Like you, we attended Brockwood and left feeling that it had given us something immensely precious and that this would serve us throughout our lives.

To mark this 30th anniversary, Brockwood has established an Alumni Fund, and we (as a group of 30 alumni from across the years and around the world) are writing to ask if you will join us in supporting it. The Alumni Fund is a restricted fund designed to assist the growing number of deserving young students wishing to join Brockwood whose families are unable to afford the fees. Alumni will be the only contributors to this fund which will sit alongside the current Student> Bursary Fund; the resources from both Funds will be awarded to selected students each year. The Fund comes with the additional benefit that 25% of the money raised for it will be set aside to assist the children of alumni wishing to attend Brockwood.

Many of us could not have attended Brockwood had it not been for generous bursaries provided by the School and quite a few of the wonderful friends we made there would have been absent too. The School’s special character is partly due to the marvellous mix of people that join from around the world regardless of financial background. It is vital that this continue. At present about 2% of alumni donate to the School; we would like to see that figure grow. We have all pledged to make a donation to the new Alumni Fund during 2016 and we hope that you will join us in doing this too.

With the passage of time, the many personal friends of Krishnamurti who donated generously to Brockwood in its early years are gone, whereas many of us are now able to give something back, so our help is much needed and appreciated.

As with any creative endeavour, there is continuing change at Brockwood, but its core intentions, as Krishnamurti described them, remain the same. It is a rare and unique school and as it nears its 50th anniversary, we would like you to join us in helping to ensure it flourishes by supporting the new Alumni Fund. In doing so we will help keep Brockwood’s front door open for children from around the world, some of whom will be our own.

With best wishes

LATE NEWS: for every £1 you donate, Brockwood will receive an additional £2. Remarkably, several generous friends have offered to double donations for any department or fund at Brockwood during 2016. There is a cap on the offer of £70,000, which is as much as they will double. The Alumni Fund qualifies for this offer, so in this special year your donation will have treble the effect!

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