Group photo of mature students and teacher apprentices at Brockwood Park School

Volunteer Programmes

For young adults interested in Krishnamurti’s teachings, Brockwood Park offers a unique opportunity for inquiry and engagement over the course of eleven months. Both our Mature Student and Teacher Apprentice programmes are residential, providing you with the chance to live alongside staff and students interested in exploring the deeper questions of life. You will share in the work and day-to-day learning that goes with life in a vibrant and busy international community, but you will also have time to pursue your own interests and learning goals. These programmes are open to adults primarily from Europe, aged 21 to 35, who have no dependents

Mature Student Programme

This programme is often undertaken by young adults who are pondering their next move in life and who would like to do this in an environment which supports inquiry and the consideration of fundamental questions. You will have the space and time to reflect on such questions as: What is right livelihood? What is the nature of right relationship and love? How can I best care for the environment? Is there a fundamentally different way of living? At Brockwood, you will find the resources for the study and exploration of Krishnamurti’s teachings, alone and with others. You will be offered a complimentary three day retreat at the Krishnamurti Study Centre and you will have use of the school’s facilities, including the library, gym, tennis court and swimming pool. All meals (which are vegetarian or vegan) will be provided and taken with the community in the main dining room.

Mature Students at Brockwood Park School sitting in a circle

In return, Brockwood will ask that you provide around four hours of allotted work per day, five days a week. Work is allocated in areas like the kitchen, garden, Centre, administration, etc., depending on where help is needed and what your skills are. Since we do not separate the inner life from practical work, we feel a lot of learning happens in the process of living and working, regardless of the activity undertaken. We regard all the work that you may be engaged in while here of equal importance, and you will be assigned work based on the overall needs of the