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Health and Welfare

At Brockwood good health is seen as a balanced and integrated approach to life, and the School aims to provide this in a number of ways. Every student has a staff member who is his, or her, pastoral tutor and who is responsible for ensuring their overall well-being. Through regular contact with the student, the tutor monitors class attendance and performance, social engagement, illness, sleep, diet and exercise patterns, taking time to talk through any problems that may arise. The tutor is the first point of contact for parents if they wish to discuss their child's progress in the School. The self-reflection and inquiry that are central to emotional and psychological well-being are fostered by tutors, as well as in timetabled courses taken by all students. These include Inquiry Time and the Krishnamurti Class. Meanwhile, the Human Development classes extend our concern with integrated health into practical issues, dealing with topics such as physical and emotional development, sex education, racism, gender issues, substance use and abuse, and nutrition.

The School is fully vegetarian and provides primarily organic food, and wherever possible we use vegetables from our own large, organic kitchen garden. The 40 acre School estate acts as an extensive and varied playground for the students, offering on-site sports facilities and ample opportunity for games and exercise, both scheduled and spontaneous. We also use local sports facilities to give students a greater choice of activities, and specialist staff are available to devise individual fitness plans with students. In the event of injury, or illness, School staff are trained to make initial assessments and provide first aid treatment and common, non-prescription medications. All students are registered with the local medical centre, while hospital services are located just 20 minutes away.

If the classes are small and the teacher can give his full attention to each child, observing and helping him, then compulsion or domination in any form is obviously unnecessary.

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