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Mature Student Applications

Mature Students are generally between 21 and 30 years of age and have no dependents. They join the programme in mid-August for an 11 months period that is intended to support inquiry into life in the light of Krishnamurti’s teachings. Mature students are required to volunteer for 20 hours per week in return for free food and accommodation. They live with staff and students and are a vital part of the community. Applications are invited from September – June for entry the following August.. Please contact our Recruitment Officer, on  if you have any questions or wish to receive an application pack.

If considered favourably, the applicant would be invited to attend a prospective week at Brockwood Park School. All residential staff, mature students and students have had a prospective week.  This week is intended to give applicants a better idea of what the School, Centre and Foundation are like and to help them decide in which area they might like to volunteer.  At the same time, those of us living here can get to know the applicant and thus assist in making a decision about their acceptance.

After the applicant has left, staff, mature students and students may attend an optional meeting to offer observations about the applicant. The meeting is confidential and comments there are not to be repeated outside of the meeting. The Principal and in some cases the Heads of Department, make the final decision about the applicant based on all the information they have received.

Self-knowledge is education. In education there is neither the teacher nor the taught, there is only learning; the educator is learning, as the student is.

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