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Mature Students

Mature Students are young adults who come to Brockwood out of their own interest to study Krishnamurti's teachings within the context of either the School, Centre or Foundation. The majority of Mature Students are based in the School, whilst some volunteer in the Centre or Foundation.

For those in the School, their contribution is to participate with Staff and Students in the life of the School and to contribute to the atmosphere of Brockwood with their own serious inquiry. As with Staff, Mature Students have a duty of care with respect to the Students, who sometimes look to them for guidance and assistance.

For those Mature Students who volunteer in the Centre and Foundation, their role follows a different pattern to those in the School.  Mature Students allocated to the Centre assist Staff in the general running of the Retreat Centre, working together to maintain a peaceful environment for those interested in the teachings of Krishnamurti.  As a Mature Student allocated to the Foundation, you may be asked to help run the bookshop or do other office duties.

In a rapidly changing world and an increasingly demanding, competitive and materialistic society it is important that education prepare a young person to meet the complex challenges of living. However, education has generally been concerned primarily with an investigation of the outer world and neglected an exploration of our inner world. Even the study of psychology and philosophy often tends to be a study of ideas, theories and beliefs about the mind as if they existed "out there". An understanding of oneself and an exploration of the inner world are essential for a radical transformation of society and culture. For without the "awakening of intelligence" and a "flowering of goodness" in the individual one has little or no basis for action.

J. Krishnamurti's teachings address themselves to these and other issues. The Mature Student Programme is a forum for students who come to the school with an interest in K's teachings to engage in a serious exploration of these issues and their implications in our daily lives, in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings and the questions that they raise.

In Krishnamurti's own words, «I think this teaching covers the whole of human existence. I don't know if you have studied it. It will cover the whole of human life, from the physical to the most inward depth of human beings…There is nothing in it that sets it apart as a cult; as something other. When you look into it, it is a marvellous thing – not because I have said it – as something extraordinarily life-giving. And this life-giving river will never go dry….»

The Mature Student Programme dedicates two dialogues per week to examine these issues: (1) a focused dialogue using source material (text, audio or video) from K's teachings. (2) An Open Dialogue with no pre-arranged topic. After an initial period of silence, it is open to anyone in the group to raise a topic which is of concern to them; generally this is then explored for the whole session. Attendance at these dialogues is only for Mature Students and Staff members who have the responsibility to participate in these dialogues for the entire year. The Tutor is available at all times for individual tutorials; which may follow an aspect of education or, at times, be of a more personal nature.

If you would like further information about this programme, please consult the 'Mature Student Applications' page.

Without respect for human life, knowledge only leads to destruction and misery.

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