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The Role of Parents

Parents have generally chosen Brockwood for their child because they are interested in the intentions and educational approach of the School and this may include a familiarity with Krishnamurti's teachings. The latter is not a prerequisite, but we encourage prospective parents to read some of Krishnamurti's teachings so as to better understand the philosophical underpinnings of the School and to ensure they feel comfortable with what the School is offering.

We ask that parents read and sign the Open Letter, which gives an outline of the agreements students are asked to respect during their time at Brockwood. As a parent it is important that you are familiar with the boundaries that the School places on your child's behaviour and that you support these. Part of the learning that occurs at Brockwood is around issues arising when there are breaches of the agreements, and while they are seldom very serious, occasionally they are, and can result in consequences for students and parents alike. It is also good for you to have looked at the Parent's Handbook, provided by the School at the beginning of the school year, as this will answer some of the practical questions you may have.

Staff working in the School are in ‘locus parentis’, meaning that they have a duty of care to act as parents for the students in their care. At times they may need to be in close communication with you in order to work out what is the best action for assisting your child with the issues and challenges they face. We appreciate your co-operation and feedback at such times and indeed we welcome your contact and support throughout the year.

Self-knowledge is education. In education there is neither the teacher nor the taught, there is only learning; the educator is learning, as the student is.

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