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Our children are our future. How then are we to ensure that these children are educated in such a way as to create a better future for all? Brockwood is the only school in Europe offering an education informed directly by Krishnamurti's teachings and we feel this makes it a unique and important school in today's complex and dangerous world. We want deserving students from all levels of society to have access to what Brockwood is offering and we want to maintain, and improve on, the beautiful buildings and grounds that are part of Brockwood's heritage. Please help us to make this possible today, by making a donation to one of the following funds:

The Bursary Fund

All donations go directly towards assisting deserving students with the cost of the school fees and each year we must find in the region of £95,000 to offer as student bursaries. The AG Educational Trust, an associated charity, helps us by offering a £10,000 matching fund to encourage others to donate for this cause. Therefore, if your donation reaches us early enough, every pound you give will become two, towards a bursary.
To make a donation to the Bursary Fund other than by paypal, please use the following document Bursary Fund Donation in a pdf format or in a word format.

The Peter Norris Music Fund

Named after one of Brockwood's memorable music teachers, this fund assists selected students with the cost of music tuition.

Where Needed Most

If you are happy for us to decide how to make best use of your donation, according to our needs, please select this option from the list on the right side of this page. Your assistance is gratefully received.

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