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Time to Return

Kris Gorski

“For many years now I have benefited from the great atmosphere made possible by the staff and students who have made this place so special. Every time I come it is a new adventure. The students are great and so far all my whims and wishes have been met with a great deal of co-operation from the staff and our future music projects promise an ever broader spectrum of things to do; thanks to the understanding we instinctively have between each other. The friendships and relationships I have with both students and staff never dies. Brockwood and the people here are my family, my home.”

Kris Gorski (student 1989-1994) is a sound engineer who visits Brockwood annually to give a workshop in recording for students and to offer professional assistance in the Krishnamurti Foundation.

We value the input of alumni at Brockwood and whether you would just like to drop in for lunch and a chat, or whether you can stay to meet some students, give a presentation, or offer a workshop, it all helps. You might like to take a retreat at the Krishnamurti Centre, or come as a guest helper to do a spot of gardening or cooking; there are a range of possibilities. We enjoy seeing you and are interested to catch up and hear your news. Get in touch beforehand so that we can agree a convenient date. Do try and find the Time to Return.

A relationship is a process of learning. A relationship is not a static affair but a living movement and so it is never the same. What it was yesterday it is not today.

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