Founded by J. Krishnamurti


The role of the trustees is to ensure that the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust fulfils the intentions stated in the Articles of Association. These can be summarised as follows:

The objects of the Association are to advance the education of the public in philosophy, sociology, psychology and comparative religion, and in particular to promote the study of the teachings in those fields of Jiddu Krishnamurti. To promote these objects the trustees can organise lectures, courses, and seminars. They can also set up educational centres, schools, training establishments and other institutions, and organize and provide accommodation, and facilities for pupils in connection with their studies and training. They can provide or assist in providing scholarships or bursaries for students, and offer other assistance. The Trust can also publish, and sell books, pamphlets and other literature, recordings and tapes containing exclusively educational material. It can receive donations, endowments, legacies and subscriptions for any purpose of the Association.

Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Limited
Company Registration No. 1055588
Registered Charity No. 312865

Ms G Balleys
Mr A Herron
Mr D Hook
Mr G Primrose - Chair of Governors
Mr V Reddy
Mrs W Smith

Registered Office:
Brockwood Park
Nr Alresford
Hampshire SO24 0LQ

Self-knowledge is education. In education there is neither the teacher nor the taught, there is only learning; the educator is learning, as the student is.

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Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Limited — Company registration no. 1055588 — Registered Charity no. 312865