Brockwood Park School students engaging playfully while playing guitar and singing


The Beginning

In January of 1969, three educators and two teenage students moved into a cold, slightly neglected Georgian manor house and set about cleaning and renovating it, and so began Brockwood Park School. They were assisted by volunteers and well-wishers and by the beginning of the new academic year in September, the school had grown to over 20 residents. These simple beginnings belie the careful thinking and planning about the creation of a Krishnamurti School in Europe, which had been occurring for a number of years. Krishnamurti had already founded successful schools in India and now a resurgence of interest in his teachings meant that concerned parents and educators were ready for such a venture.

Brockwood Park School in its early days, late 60s or early 70s

Brockwood was to be a very different school from the outset, with all its uncommon elements integral to the whole. The school would not operate for financial gain, nor would it be supported by the state; it would depend on fees and donations by those who felt the value of what was occurring there. Wherever needed and possible, bursaries would be provided for deserving students. All residential members of staff – whether academic, gardening, kitchen, office, maintenance – would receive the same modest salary and have the same basic responsibility as educators. The task of coordinating the whole was assumed by the principal/s, but important decisions were only to be taken after full discussion by staff and students.

The school would be international (students and staff now attend from 25 countries, or more) and small, not exceeding around 100 residents in total. These two factors would ensure that everyone living at Brockwood would learn how to meet others from different backgrounds and resolve any difficulties arising in a spirit of mutual consideration and affection, and there would not be so many people as to require an institutional approach to school life.

A high staff-student ratio would be maintained and each student would be given as much individual attention as possible. The academic work of the school was important and was to be pursued in a serious way, but the main point of Brockwood, its deeper purpose, lay in the intentions, as outlined by Krishnamurti. These intentions underpinned the central concern of Brockwood: to what degree could a community of staff and students, living and learning together, free themselves from the background of destructive conditioning?

Brockwood Park School students having a picnic on the lawn
Jiddu Krishnamurti, founder of Brockwood Park School, in the school's living room.
Portrait of Jiddu Krishnamurti, founder of Brockwood Park School

The Founder

J. Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) had a passion for inquiry and the pursuit of truth. His numerous books explore the nature of human consciousness and the possibility of its transformation through inquiry and insight. Krishnamurti engaged in dialogue with many modern thinkers, commentators, politicians and scientists, including Aldous Huxley, Iris Murdoch, Ivan Illich, Bernard Levin, Indira Gandhi, and David Bohm. He maintained that if young people learn to see how they are conditioned by race, nationality, religion, tradition and beliefs, they will discover for themselves how to be fully intelligent human beings.

Concerning life at Brockwood, Krishnamurti said, ‘We are learning together. That is real cooperation, that is real community. That demands natural affection, care, attention.’

The Intentions


To educate the whole human being
To explore what freedom and responsibility are in relationship with others and in modern society
To see the possibility of being free from self-centered action and inner conflict
To discover one’s own talent and what right livelihood means
To awaken a sense of excellence in academic studies and everyday conduct
To learn the proper care, use and exercise of the body
To appreciate the natural world, seeing our place in it and responsibility for it
To find the clarity that may come from having a sense of order and valuing silence
Aerial view of Brockwood Park School's south lawn, with an optical illusion made with leaves by Brockwood Park School students

The People

Brockwood Park School staff member group photo

Our staff are drawn to Brockwood from around the world. They bring with them an impressive range of experience, skills, and qualifications, and they share a passion for education and inquiry that helps make the school unique.

Term Dates


A view of Brockwood Park, in Hampshire UK, rich in flowers and trees

Brockwood Park

Brockwood Park was purchased by the Krishnamurti Foundation in 1969. Chosen for its peaceful yet accessible location in the South Downs, it provides the ideal setting for inquiry into the whole of life. The four elements of Brockwood Park complement each other and form a unique whole: Brockwood Park School for teenage boarding students from all over the world, the Krishnamurti Centre for adults to study the work of Krishnamurti, the Foundation which makes sure Krishnamurti’s teachings are available to those interested worldwide, and Inwoods Small School for primary day pupils. Staff and volunteers, together with students, live on-site in an atmosphere of exploration and cooperation.

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