Group photo of Brockwood Park School's staff members

Our Staff

Our staff are drawn to Brockwood from around the world. They bring with them an impressive range of experience, skills and qualifications, and they share a passion for education and inquiry that helps make the school unique.

Antonio Autor

Antonio Autor graduated from the Bilbao School of Business Studies with a BA. He played professional football from 1976 to 1985 in Spain and then studied English in the UK. Antonio joined Brockwood Park School in 1987, teaching Business Studies and Sports, and managing the grounds. Having trained in horticulture, he then became head gardener. He later became senior tutor for pastoral care, also teaching A Level Business Studies for several years. Antonio then spent six years working as the administrator of The Krishnamurti Centre before returning to the school in 2015 as Co-Principal. Antonio is now our Principal of Brockwood Park School and Head of Boarding. He is also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for both Inwoods and Brockwood.

Portrait of Antonio Autor Brockwood Park School's principal
Portrait photo of Mina Masoumian bursar of Brockwood Park School

Mina Masoumian

Mina Masoumian joined Brockwood in 2015 initially as a volunteer, assisting with a review of its operation. She has lived, studied and worked in Iran, Canada, Singapore and Sydney. Mina uses her background in law, finance, change management and the nonprofit sector for the benefit of Brockwood. Mina is one of the Directors of the Trust and, as the Trust’s Bursar, she currently oversees the charity’s operation, finances and compliance. She supports the school by overseeing the curriculum.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor first visited Brockwood in 1979 to attend Krishnamurti’s talks. He returned in 1983 as a mature student, then became a staff member. He left to study for a BA in Liberal Arts in New Zealand, and then returned to Brockwood as an English and Drama teacher. He was a Co-Principal of the school for fifteen years and then moved into the role of Development Director in 2012. He is responsible for the Friends of Brockwood Park, alumni contact, fundraising and communications material.

Portrait photo of Bill Taylor, Development Director at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Thomas Lehmann, Curriculum Coordinator at Brockwood Park School

Thomas Lehmann

Thomas Lehmann studied Physical Education and Geography at the University of Münster, Germany and the University of Las Palmas, Spain. He first joined Brockwood as a mature student in 2011. After completing an MA in Education in 2015, Thomas travelled for many months before rejoining Brockwood as a residential teacher. He is currently involved in overseeing and coordinating the curriculum and pastoral care programmes. He also teaches classes in the area of Health, Movement and Physical Education.

Olya Maiboroda

Olya Maiboroda grew up in Russia where she trained as an English teacher. She then studied in the USA, earning an MA in English and MSc in Environmental Studies. Olya worked on a UN project with the coastal communities around the Black Sea to develop environmental education resources. She carried out university research into sustainability, running forest schools and plant-medicine walks. Olya teaches the topic course Global Issues. She is one of the pastoral coordinators and our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Portrait photo of Olya Maiboroda, Pastoral Coordinator at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Tom Power, Life After Brockwood Coordinator at Brockwood Park School

Tom Power

Tom Power worked as a field ecologist and conservation biologist across the world, from Indonesia, Madagascar and Zambia to the reed beds of East Sussex before turning to teaching in 2005. For the next ten years Tom taught Science in a number of comprehensive schools across the South West and set up a school-based meditation program. He has also taught in Burma, at an international school. Tom teaches Science and coordinates the Life After Brockwood program.

 Kate Power

Kate Power completed her MA in History at Bristol University. Before that, she was teaching for seven years (in both the British state system and also at an international British school in Myanmar.) Kate has a BA in History and Sociology. She qualified as a teacher at Exeter University. She has travelled and worked abroad extensively. Kate coordinates Inwoods Small School and teaches A Level History. She also supports students with special educational needs. She is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead for Inwoods.

Portrait photo of Kate Power, SenCo and Residential Humanities teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Dolf de Groot, English Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Dolf de Groot

Dolf de Groot has a BA in Journalism and worked as a reporter and investigative journalist at the leading Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad. He then became a correspondent in Australia, New Zealand and Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Dolf lived for three years in the renowned learning community Neot Semadar in the desert of Israel. At Brockwood Dolf teaches English as a second language (EAL) and Global Issues. He also supports the Human Ecology classes.

Adam Bushell-Jones

Adam Bushell-Jones studied Music Production in Bristol, UK, where he ran a record label and recording studio. After travelling Europe, he lived in Portugal for a year as a freelance sculptor and woodworker whilst helping to put together a small alternative school near Coimbra. In 2019, he joined Brockwood as a teacher apprentice. Adam now teaches Sound and Music Production at the school. He also works at The Krishnamurti Centre.

Portrait photo of Ashleigh Ellis, art teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Javier Jurado, Sports Coordinator at Brockwood Park School

Javier Jurado

Javier Jurado attended the Catholic College of Santísima Trinidad and the University of Educational Sciences in Córdoba. He then worked as an instructor in martial arts, where he later competed at regional and national levels. He helped the Krishnamurti Foundation of Latin America with publications, dialogues and retreats. Javier joined Brockwood Park School as a mature student. He now teaches Spanish, Physical Education, and the History of Religion and Philosophy.

Chris Lewin

Chris Lewin studied Theatre, Writing and Philosophy at University. He has worked as a teacher, a theatre director, an entrepreneur and a wandering poet. He loves words and people. He loves to collaborate. By his second visit to Brockwood, he felt he had found home. Chris teaches English Language and Drama at Brockwood. He also supervises student projects.

Portrait photo of Chis Lewin, Drama Teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Abhijit Padte, Maths Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Abhijit Padte

Abhijit Padte completed his Masters in Mathematics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. He then did research in holistic education (with emphasis on Krishnamurti’s philosophy of education) at the University of Mumbai. His interest in Krishnamurti’s teachings dates back to the early eighties, when he heard his public lectures in Mumbai. He has taught Mathematics and Computer Studies at schools and universities in India and Canada for the past thirty years. Abhijit now teaches Maths at Brockwood.

Manasi Srivastava

Manasi Srivastava was educated in India and China. She discovered a love for Geography and learnt Chinese and Spanish. She graduated from the London School of Economics with a BA in International Development. In 2015, she joined Brockwood Park School as a mature student, working in the areas of housekeeping and in the school office while completing her degree. Manasi then transferred to the teacher apprentice programme, working in the Humanities department. She now teaches Geography and Humanities at Brockwood.

Portrait photo of Manasi Srivastasa, Humanities teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Andrew Turner, Woodwork Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Andrew Turner

Andrew Turner read The House That Beebo Built as a small child, which may have been the catalyst for a life of travel, questions, adventure and making things. Andrew has built wooden boats, surfboards, houses, furniture and relationships in various countries. He and Ginny home educated their four children. At Brockwood, Andrew works with students, mature students, staff and guests in the woodwork shed, creating things with wood.

Carvalho Ildelindo da Silveira

Carvalho Ildelindo da Silveira began life at Brockwood working in the grounds and maintenance. He has since worked as a teacher in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and A Level Physical Geography. Carvalho really appreciates living at Brockwood because it is an international community and it gives rise to the possibility of exploring Krishnamurti’s teachings in relationship. Carvalho currently teaches Maths in the school.

Portrait photo of Carvalho Ildelindo da Silveira, Exams Officer at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Steafanie Luise Beier, Bookkeeper at Brockwood Park School

Tobias Williams

Toby Williams studied Geography at the University of Edinburgh. During this time, he became increasingly disillusioned with the life our current society had emphasised as important. After hearing Krishnamurti speak online about the urgent need for a radical transformation, Toby engaged with a number of different roles before eventually joining Brockwood Park School. Toby supervises student projects and he also cooks, as part of the kitchen team.

Elena Ciungu

Elena Ciungu has a BA in Agro-Food and Environmental Economics and a MA in Marketing. She has also been trained in fashion design and pattern making. Whilst living in Romania, she worked in retail, fashion and management. Before joining us, she was based in Bali, Indonesia. She came to Brockwood in 2019 as a mature student. Elena is Brockwood’s housekeeper and guest coordinator. She also teaches Sustainable Fashion.

Portrait photo of Oliver King, Housekeeper at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Charline Sowa, Pottery Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Charline Sowa

Charline Sowa is a former Brockwood student who went on to study physiotherapy in Germany. From 2017 to 2019, Charline was a mature student at Brockwood. She worked in the garden and grounds and she also oversaw the pottery studio, teaching courses and open sessions. Charline now teaches pottery, works in the infirmary and in the garden and grounds.

Lorena Magallanes

Lorena Magallanes completed her Ph.D in Physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany. She then began to look for a more holistic approach to learning. She joined the Science department at Brockwood as a Teacher Apprentice in 2018. Lorena now teaches Physics and the Patterns and Complexity topic course. She oversees Brockwood’s study skills program and works passionately in the library.

Portrait photo of Lorena Magallanes, Science Teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Robert Beddow, Cook at Brockwood Park School

Robert Beddow

Rob Beddow in his formative years and beyond was riding bikes in national and international sporting events until retirement in 2006. This was followed by working with young people producing music and film – exploring issues around sustainable development. He has a background in engineering and property maintenance. Before joining Brockwood Rob worked for the Dartington Hall Trust in Devon. He now manages the Estate and Facilities Department at Brockwood and occasionally repairs guitars.

Ginny Cameron

Ginny Cameron grew up in Toronto, Canada. After studying at UBC and Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, she was involved in collectively managing an organic food store, vegetarian café, greenhouse and farming project. She and her partner Andrew then moved to Australia, where they were farming, building and home educating their children. In 2018 they came to Brockwood. Ginny now enjoys preparing nutritious food in the Brockwood kitchen and she also works in the infirmary.

Portrait photo of GInny Cameron, Cook at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Jerome Blanche, Music Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Jerome Blanche

Jerome Blanche has been working at Brockwood since in 1996. He started first as a music teacher at the school but over the years has had various roles in the Centre and in the Foundation. He is a fellow of the London College of Music and a Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music and of Trinity College London, all in piano performance. Jerome works in the Foundation and teaches Music in the school.

Svetlana Lebedeva

Svetlana Lebedeva is a qualified nurse, sales manager and yoga instructor. Before coming to Brockwood Park, she spent ten years working in the Krishnamurti Centre in Russia. Together with a group of friends, she took an active part in creating and building the centre, organising Krishnamurti seminars, summer school programmes for students abroad and managing the distribution of educational material. Svetlana is Brockwood’s nurse.

Portrait photo of Svetlana Lebedeva, Infirmary at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Osian Brieg Jones, Cook at Brockwood Park School

Osian Brieg Jones

Osian Jones co-manages the kitchen at Brockwood, following in the footsteps of his grandmother, Helga, who ran it in the early nineties. He started working in his mother’s organic café in Pembrokeshire and has continued to work with an interest in sustainable food production. Osian joined Brockwood two years ago as a mature student. As well as working in the kitchen, he collaborates with and supports students in making music.

Ana Gomes

Ana Gomes studied Landscape Architecture at Evora University in Portugal. She then worked in Spain, Portugal and Guinea-Bissau as a volunteer supporting an international NGO with projects in developing countries in education, gardening and economics. She first came to Brockwood in 2012 as a mature student and then began working in the school. Ana shares her passion for bushcraft and spoon carving with the students. She’ll happily take part in any school activity lead in nature. Ana is the coordinator of The Krishnamurti Centre.

Portrait photo of Ana Gomes, Krishnamurti Centre Coordinator
Portrait photo of Julien Mardelet, IT Coordinator at Brockwood Park School

Raymond Cheung

Raymond read Economics at university and since then he has worked in various roles across the public and private sectors. He cut his teeth as an educator offering private tuition in and around London. In 2016, Raymond began his time at Brockwood as a teacher apprentice. As well as teaching A Level Economics, Raymond likes to get involved with musical activities in the school.  He is currently also based at The Krishnamurti Foundation where he looks after the bookshop and helps in The Krishnamurti Centre. 

Emma Birt

Emma Birt graduated with a BA in English from Cambridge University, where she was also involved in many theatre productions. She then studied law and worked as a criminal barrister in Devon and Cornwall. After leaving the Bar, Emma began assisting the Krishnamurti Foundation with transcribing, subtitling and verification work. She also cared for two small children with special needs. Emma teaches English A Level at Brockwood. She is our Exams Officer and also supports the Curriculum team.

Portrait photo of Emma Birt, English Teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Vicki Lewin, Recruitment Manager at Brockwood Park School

Vicki Lewin

Vicki Lewin has a BA in English with Education. Before working at Brockwood, she was PA to the chairman of a media company, worked in HR for an international firm and in customer services for a national housebuilder. Vicki is responsible for recruitment and admissions in all departments at Brockwood, in addition to forming part of the Independent School Inspection team and managing all compliance for visas and immigration.

Claire Hardwick

Claire Hardwick worked as PA to the Tax Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers before her children were born. She then spent nine years working in the office at Perins School in Alresford. She later took on the role of PA to the Canon Chancellor at Winchester Cathedral before joining Brockwood Park in 2017. Claire works as part of the Estate and Facilities and Admin team.

Portrait photo of Claire Hardwick, Administrative Assistant at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Thomas Fournil, Music Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Luiza Tegowska

Luiza Tegowska has a degree in Accountancy from Solent University in Southampton. After graduating she joined HSBC Investment Services. She then moved to JP Morgan Chase banking corporation, where she worked as a Corporate Action Investment Accounting Specialist and then as an Associate, following completion of several re-engineering/migration projects. Luiza is the Accounts Manager at Brockwood.

Lizzie Brunt

Lizzie Brunt completed her Master’s degree in Chemistry at Oxford University. During this time, she spent several years providing pastoral care for international students at her local church and visited Japan twice. Following this, she qualified as a teacher at Winchester University and has since taught Science at several state schools in Hampshire. Lizzie teaches Chemistry at Brockwood as a visiting teacher.

Portrait photo of Vicki Lewin, Recruitment Manager at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Joseph Lyden, Cook at Brockwood Park School

Joseph Lyden

Joseph Lyden had been cooking professionally for nine years before joining Brockwood in 2019. He worked his way up from kitchen porter to Head Chef for Compass Catering. Along the way, he worked in fine dining restaurants. All this has given him a feeling for the importance of healthy, nutritionally balanced food, which brought him to Brockwood. In August 2019, Joseph oversaw the catering for the Brockwood Park School 50th Anniversary Reunion, with 500 attendees.

Thomas Fournil

Thomas Fournil is a former Brockwood student. He is now working as a visiting teacher and researcher specialising in medieval music and composition. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and was awarded a Fellowship. Thomas founded the Idrîsî Ensemble and works as an artistic director and hurdy-gurdy player in performances of medieval Mediterranean repertoire and new commissions. Thomas leads the choir at Brockwood.

Portrait photo of Thomas Fournil, Music Teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Mick O'Farrell, Graphic Design Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Mick O’Farrell

Mick O’Farrell has been a professional graphic designer and photographer for thirty five years. Mick has worked in many studios and has had his own design agency since 1990, concentrating mainly on the area of computer games packaging for Nintendo and Sony. Mick is also an Ofsted photographer and photographs schools, colleges, universities and training facilities for their official reports and internal library. He teaches Graphic Design at Brockwood, as a visiting teacher.

Laura Scottorn

Laura Scottorn has over twenty years experience in the photography industry. She has worked as a photographer on cruise ships, for a shopping channel and with a photography agency in London. She gained her teaching qualification (PGCE M) from Cardiff University before moving to the south coast to teach at a local sixth form college. Laura currently runs her own photography business. In her free time she sings with her church band and is a volunteer youth leader. Laura teaches photography at Brockwood as a visiting teacher.

Portrait photo of Laura Scottorn, Photography Teacher at Brockwood Park School
Portrait photo of Emma Seach, Art Teacher at Brockwood Park School

Emma Seach

Emma Seach graduated from the Royal Drawing School in 2010. She then ran classes for them in various venues including Whitechapel Gallery, The V&A Museum, The National Gallery, and Saatchi Gallery. She set up and ran Root Drawing, an experimental drawing class for local artists. She is now continuing her painting practice on the Turps Studio Programme while teaching at the Art Academy. At Brockwood Emma will be supporting students who would like to build a professional portfolio for further study, professional work or for an exam.

Our Trustees

Group photo of Brockwood Park School's trustees

Gary Primrose — Alastair Herron — Wendy Smith — Gisele Balleys — Derek Hook

The Trustees of Krishnamurti Foundation Trust are also the Governors of Brockwood Park School. They all have a deep interest in the ethos of the school and have had contact with it over many years. They have a range of backgrounds and professional expertise which they bring to their work with the school. Gary Primrose is the Chair of Governors.

Work with Us

Staff at Brockwood are residential, living and working together in a spirit of inquiry and cooperation.

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