When you realise that you are the world, and it is really an extraordinary thing to realise that, not verbally, not as ideation, an idea or mental concept, but as an actuality, it is a tremendous thing. It breaks all limits of thought. It breaks down all barriers. It breaks down the very centre of your being, which is the ‘me’. When you say, ‘I am the world and the world is me,’ there is no ‘me’. So it is a tremendous thing to realise. Then you will know what compassion is.


Extraordinary times demand extraordinary action. What could be more extraordinary than to ‘break all limits of thought’ and to have insight inform our actions? Krishnamurti was deter-mined to break these limits in each of us and was certain that the resulting insight would lead to ‘marvellous human beings’ and ‘change the world tomorrow’. Brockwood Park School exists for this purpose and to explore, nurture and share this change.
Everywhere the impact of recent events has been felt in some form and Brockwood is no exception. If we are to continue to help deserving students to get a Brockwood education we need your assistance. If you are in a position to assist at this time, no matter how small the donation, we would greatly appreciate it.

The Alumni Fund is solely for the provision of bursaries to deserving students, while 25% of the money received is directed towards assisting the children of alumni to attend Brockwood.

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Our son will be joining Brockwood in the coming term. We are thankful to the donors to the Alumni Fund for making this possible and encourage all Alumni to contribute to the Fund, however little the amount. In the past, we donated what we could to the Fund, and we are happy to think it probably made the difference for a student, just like it did for our son.



Brockwood Park School was founded in 1969 and is an international, co-educational boarding school offering a personalised holistic education, with exam and non-exam options, for around 70 students. It is deeply inspired by Krishnamurti’s teaching, which encourages academic excellence, self-understanding, creativity and integrity, in a safe, non-competitive environment.

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