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Frequently Asked Questions

You are bound to have lots of questions. You may find the answers to those here. But if not, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do you offer a bursary or scholarship?

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

We offer a 15% discount for siblings and they share a fee deposit.

How do I apply for my child to enrol?

Please visit the Applications page on our website to access the Application Portal, where you can submit your application online. Once this has been received, our Recruitment Manager will be in touch to arrange a prospective week.

What is a prospective week?

The prospective week is an important time. The week enables you to get the first-hand experience of what the school is like and to decide whether or not this is really the right place for you. The week also serves the purpose of allowing those of us at Brockwood to get to know you, in order to see whether we feel we can offer you a place in the school.

When can they come for a prospective week?

A prospective week can take place in any week during term-time when the school is in progress and a daily programme is arranged for you which includes a variety of classes and outdoor activities. At the end of the week, you will meet with the Principal to discuss how the week has gone. You then return home and, shortly afterwards, staff and students meet to discuss your application. A decision is then made and you will be informed, at the latest, at the end of the school term. The cost for the week is £200, which is payable at the beginning of the week by bank transfer.

How do I get to Brockwood?

We are just over an hour away from London and easily accessible by airplane from Heathrow, Gatwick or Southampton airport. Please follow this link for information on how to travel here.

What exams can my child take?

If students are looking for standard qualifications, we offer a range of subjects following the syllabus and examinations from Cambridge International Education. These qualifications are of a high standard, are recognised globally by universities and require a 2-3 year commitment. Interested students generally take 1-3 of the exam courses, which are designed for students aged 16 years or over. Non-native speakers are recommended to have a very good level of English before starting. Exam subjects taught at Brockwood: Art (Fine Art, Photography, Graphic Design), Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages (French and Spanish), Music, Physics. Some students opt for self-studying other examination subjects, but the school cannot offer taught classes in these and while it may be possible to arrange tutorial support, this cannot be guaranteed.

What age do you enrol students?

We enrol student between the ages of 14-19 years old. Occasionally, we do make an exception and will enrol a student if they are due to turn 14 within the term they are enrolling, but this is at the discretion of the school.

Do you take weekly boarders?

No, we are a fully boarding school.

Is there anywhere to stay locally?

We have a list of local Bed & Breakfasts which we would be happy to email to you. Please contact the School Secretary for an up-to-date list.

When are your Open Days?

We welcome visitors on three occasions each year: September, March and May. Please follow this link for the current dates.

What is the Parents' Weekend?

The Parents’ Weekend has become established as the one time in the academic year when we have the opportunity to welcome the current parents fully into the School. During the weekend, they will have the chance to gain a better understanding of their child’s education here and to get to know the people involved in it. In addition to discussing their own children, it is also an occasion for parents, staff and students to explore together education and the significance of our daily lives.

Can my child go home on the weekends?

Students may visit towns within the perimeter of Winchester and Petersfield during the weekend, but must be back in the school by 7pm (6.30pm on Sunday) unless they are with a staff member, or have permission from their parents and Tutor or the Principal. If a student is under 17, they cannot go to towns or cities outside this perimeter without written parental consent (unless accompanied by a staff member). Parents must send written consent to to ask for permission before Friday lunch. The school may refuse permission if there is good reason to do so. If a student is going away overnight, parents must send a permission request as well. Students must leave the phone number and address of the place they will be staying in the Overnight Sign-out Book at the Reception. We discourage students from leaving regularly at weekends as this makes it more difficult for you to integrate fully into the life of the school.

Can my child bring their mobile phone or laptop?

In terms of what Brockwood is trying to do with regards to an all-round education, we feel passive entertainment and 24/7 ability to communicate with others outside the school (via electronic media: laptops, ipods, mobile phones) has become one of the biggest obstacles to students developing good relationships, study habits and attentiveness. In order to support full engagement in school life, and to encourage students to make good use of their time and energy and creativity, students are not allowed to bring any personal screen devices to the school. Devices for listening to music or mobile phones without internet connectivity are allowed, though not in public places. The school provides plenty of computers (available from 9am-9:45pm) in public spaces, telephones, and computers dedicated for Skype calls so that study and communication needs are met.

** For non-EU students sponsored under a Tier 4 Certificate, it is a legal requirement to have a mobile phone for use in the UK **

Will I need to apply for a Visa?

If you are from outside of the UK, are an EU, EEA or Swiss national then you may require a visa to study at Brockwood Park School. We have held a Sponsor Licence since 2009 and are able to sponsor students under Tier 4 Child Student and Tier 4 Student Visas. Please visit the Visa Information section for details on how to apply with your child.

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